The Payntr Golf Brand

Mike Forsey, Co-Founder & footwear craftsman, carries extensive golf industry experience and has been instrumental in the success of multiple golf footwear brands.  Over three decades, Mike has studied & learned from the best golfers, shoemakers, and biomechanists in the sport.  Mike holds numerous golf footwear patents, has driven industry transforming innovation, and has helped engineer many of Golf’s most popular footwear styles.  He has helped a multitude of the world’s greatest golfers on PGA, European, Korn Ferry, and LPGA Tours with their footwear performance needs.

David Paynter established the Payntr Brand by delivering groundbreaking performance product fused with innovation & style.  The Payntr brand has successfully connected to the athlete with passion, empathy, and an in-depth knowledge of sport.  The global golf market is primed for a new competitive entry.  By extending the brand into Golf, Payntr brings a distinctive product legacy, an unyielding commitment to the athlete, and a proven business philosophy to a market much in need of new discovery.

Driven by performance and inspired by innovation, Mike and David aim to offer the golf world the best product available to golfers. With this in mind, the X 001 F was born. With Mike’s extensive experience and David’s shared passion for creating the best product for avid athletes, Payntr Golf started on a journey to re-think the way footwear can enhance a golfer's game. This led to a long design and development process to create the best golf footwear available in the global market. The result is a product that offers one-of-a-kind comfort, traction, propulsion, and waterproofing. Payntr Golf understands the game and understands the needs of the golfer. This creates performance multiplied.

Performance Multiplied - not just a marketing tagline for the brand, it’s foundational in everything we do.  Inspired by creating new, solution based, crafted product, our design methodology is deeply grounded in the biomechanics of the golf swing and an understanding of the on-course needs of the golfer.  By blending informed style and true performance enhancing benefit, Payntr Golf is well positioned to become the innovative product alternative for the passionate golfer. 

Payntr Golf creates solution based, performance driven product that amplifies the golfer’s game. We are proud to offer the best performance footwear in golf and will continue to provide performance advantages in our products for years to come.